We are so happy you chose our home for your stay in Indio. We sincerely hope you feel comfortable and relaxed in our desert retreat. There are just a couple things we wanted to let you know about so you can enjoy all of our amenities. We assigned you a personal entry code to gain access to our home. Simply enter the code assigned on the keypad and the lock will automatically open. Most times that also disarms the Vivint alarm system. However if it does not, simply enter the same code on the Vivint alarm unit on the wall to your right just in front of the kitchen. When you leave the home for a night out on the town or when you are at the end of your stay, simply close the front door and press the large rectangular kwikset button at the top of the keypad. This will automatically lock the door and arm the home. Upon re-entry, simply enter your assigned code as described above. Guests do not have access to the garage or the hall closet, other than that, the entire home is yours to enjoy!

  • INTERNET: For some reason we cannot seem to resolve with our internet provider, our router needs to be rebooted periodically, typically in the morning. It’s a simple fix. Just unplug it for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in until all of the lights turn solid green (about 3-5 minutes). It’s situated behind the TV in the living room. We did get the 2 gig plan so it is blazing fast if you want to play video games!
  • Network: 48959Biery
  • Password: Will be provided with the door code the day prior to your arrival.
  • POOL ALARMS: Both back doors are equipped with alarms that sound when the doors are opened. It is a safety precaution for guests staying with children so they don’t sneak out and get into the pool without parental supervision. They are required by the state. To silence the alarm, press the small “bypass” button before opening the door. They will continue to sound if the doors are left open. If for some reason they are not working you can remove the 9volt battery and replace it. But we make every effort to replace all batteries for all devices.
  • PATIO FURNITURE CUSHIONS: We are in the high desert and sometimes we get very high winds at night, so we brought the chair cushions inside so they don’t blow into the pool! They are in the master bedroom closet. Feel free to take them out anytime, but if you could please bring them inside at night and before you leave, it would be much appreciated.
  • TRASH DAY: If you are staying over the weekend, if you could put your trash bags (securely closed and tied) outside at the end of the driveway, that would be much appreciated. They come to pick up regular and recyclable trash on Monday mornings.
  • INSULATED DRINK COOLER: We have a rolling cooler in the master bedroom by the back patio door. Please feel free to roll it outside if you want to use it. But please put it back before you leave. It gets VERY hot if left in the sun.

Other than that, you can find additional information about our favorite restaurants, things to do, and other house information in our guest book in the front entry or on our website: www.endlessindiosunset.com . You are free to use any of the toiletries, towels, appliances, food, etc. while you are here. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our phone numbers are pre-programmed into the phone, or you can text us at 949-412-4709.

Enjoy your stay! Sincerely,

Clay and Kristen Huntington